Once Hexfest Ticket Prices Drop $835 Or More

Hexfest $900 Pipe Dream

Yes… You read that right! Ticket prices have been marked down by $835 or more!!!

It was brought to our attention that one of the event pages on OnceHexfest.com contained incorrect ticket information. It stated all tickets were $900. Holy Jesus Wow!!! $900 a ticket! That is crazy high! It’s a pipe dream to think Hexbelt would be in such high demand that we could charge $900 a ticket. But… what a pipe dream that would be! Who’s with me!!!

Anyway… We’re more humble than a $900 ticket price. So… Nevermind the pipe dream. We’re keepin’ in real. Adult Once Hexfest tickets start at a VERY reasonable $35.  When considering a $35 ticket includes: enjoying live entertainment, camping for three days, chilling with friends and meeting new people – $35 is a steal!

Hex Off The Grid


  • One Admittance
  • 3-Day Access to Once Hexfest
  • Camp Site without Electric
  • Lots of Space Available


Hex Crasher


  • One Admittance
  • 1-Day Access to Once Hexfest
  • Camp Site without Electric
  • Join the Hex Saturday After 3pm


NOTE: If you and your family or friends are sharing the same camp site… Only one “Hex on the Grid” ticket is required. Other family and friends should purchase “Hex off the Grid” tickets.

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