Wrap 101

To hex with us, you must wrap with us. Wrap yourself in love. Wrap yourself in peace. Wrap yourself in understanding.

There is one simple philosophy to hex by:

Respect other people
Respect other people’s property

Everyone is entitled to a joyful weekend full of peace, love and understanding. So…

Be the hexiest you that you can be:

1. Love Your Fellow Hexers

Be attentive to needs others. If someone is in distress – Help. If someone is in need – Share. If someone is chilling – Keep it down.

If a conflict erupts – Calm down. If a conflict cannot be resolved peacefully – Find a mediator.

2. Love Your Self – Do not put yourself in a situation that may cause yourself or others harm. Once Hexfest is not responsible for accidents.

3. Love the Once Hexfest

Once Hexfest 2017 will be held rain or shine – No refunds. Please understand… this event is not for the purpose of profit but to create an environment for people to enjoy themselves while celebrating Hexbelt. The funds collected mainly pay for: performers, grounds, insurance, toilets, and various other expenses which are non refundable to the event organizers. That said… Before purchasing your tickets – Pray for sunshine and happiness but be preparded to hex in the rain. Then… two weeks prior to the event start paying attention to the forecast – Plan your camping trip wisely.

This is not a spoons and needles kind of event – Keep that type of thing at home.

Man’s best friend is permitted. However… do not bring constant barkers, ankle biters or aggressive dogs. All dogs must be on a leash in common areas, or off a leash, if they will not wonder from your site. Scoop your poop and prevent your dogs from peeing on other’s property, especially tents. Injuries or damage caused by dogs are the owners responsibility.

4. Love the Grounds
Once Hexfest is taking place on American Legion grounds. True hexers will honor and respect American Legion grounds and adhere to their policies: neither glass (including beer bottles) nor illegal acitivty are permitted on American Legion grounds. Before leaving, pick up your trash and any trash you might see.

March with us. At 3 pm on Sunday, we will march across the grounds picking up any remaining garbage. Want to help cleanup? Volunteers will not be turned away!

Oh, there is one more absolute rule;

You must have fun!